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サラ ★
12 December 2012 @ 12:53 am

★ F R I E N D S     O N L Y ★

★ 090% german
★ 010% english
★ 100% me & my fandoms

♫ since I mostly blog in german you should be able to read german.
♫ this journal contains personal stuff as well as fandom ramblings - don't like, don't add
♫ don't add me just to boost your friendspage.
♫ I don't add complete strangers so we should at least have some things in common or know each other in real life
♫ you should comment from time to time so that I know you're still interested in reading my journal
♫ last but not least: leave a comment on this post otherwise I won't add you back.

サラ ★
23 July 2010 @ 09:05 pm
Sorry if this is kinda confusing but my mind is still a mess and I'Ve edited this entry a 1000 times till now because I still remember random stuff I want to put in.. xD; and I still didn't include all of it because it's just impossible.. there was so much going on, rly.


Holy fucking shit. I never drank and sweat so much on a concertday before xOx; (1l limo + 0,25l water before the show, 2 caprisonne and some water during the show, 2l after the show |D)
It really was damn hot and I was so glad that they blew icecold air into the crowd (but that was only noticeable up front.. 4th row max?) and, of course, they gave lots of cups filled with cold water into the crowd and the band helped a lot with waterbottles '__' Gackt was the only one who caught me not noticing his attack (because of my contacts I dodged the watter attacks mostly) and he totally caught me off guard and hit my face and eyes and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... but luckyly my lenses didn't get washed out and.. wow it really was refreshing. Never thought getting water sprayed in your eyes could be so refreshing!

But first things first:
I woke up around 9 after at least some hours of sleep and kept me entertained with TV and internet until 11, when I started to dress, putting in contacts and such. I already packed my concert-bag the night before so I was the only 'thing' I had to finish this morning. Yama brought McD breakfast and with a little delay we finally left the house soon after 12. And then the madness began... Nao phoned as just as we reached said exit that it was closed and so we had to drive a detour of around 10 minutes to get to her... and then there was an accident on the slip-road to the A8 and we got stuck for around an hour in total. *sigh* Well, we've been to ~25 concerts by car up till now and there never was any nuisance that big so I guess we've been pretty lucky so far and in the end we were lucky as well because we could've get stuck there and not reaching Munich at all >>; when finally a police officer blocked the road we escaped and found our way to the A8 finally, reaching our parking lot at around 5.30, when they'Ve already started to let people in... oh well.

We bumped into some friends (Mutsumi and Madleine) and then got in pretty quickly, they quickly controlled bags for hard/sharp objects and let us through afterwards. I've seen a box with presents next to the entrance, so it's possible to bring presents ;D
Inside were quite a bunch of people already, but mostly in the direct front of the stage, way in the back on the stairs and of course at the merch stand.. Wanting to be on the right side of the stage (CHACHA ♥ ) we skipped buying merch and aimed for that spot and were lucky again... we found a place right next to the "disabled people plattform" where they had stairs and stuff and sat down there after getting 0,5l Water from the bar. God, it was SO HOT inside the venue already, which most likely was caused by the freaking RED LIGHTS THEY DIRECTED AT THE AUDIENCE. Bastards.
We escaped those lights of death by sitting down in the corner and waited for Gackt's secretary to stand up, while others already started to push 30min before the show, because of staff -__-;; they even started to hand out water to the crowd before the show and I saw one girl getting pulled out 20mins or so before the live even started.. but at least we had space and air and were pretty close to the stage (7-10 row approx.) with a great view. I could see everyone except for You because there was large persons head in the way but ohhh well. I'll try to get a better sight of him tomorrow @Zeche ;D

Right before it started I thought I'd smell Platinum Egoiste and said: I think, Gackt's heading for the stage now... and we started laughing when the lights went out right after that |D
The intro began and Job came on stage: Jun-ji, Chirolyn, You, Chacha and after that Gackt with his Katana, directly entering Zan. Of course people were even more pushing to the front, jumping and screaming and it got pretty HOT. Though I have to say, this was my 49 j-rock concert and I've seen much worser crowds, with more violent pushing... as I said above I was really close to the stage and I never ever had so much space and air around me (except for the encore where we really were a huge packed mess of sweat and flesh |D) I think it's obvious how much space I really had, when I'm telling you that I had, even in 4th row, enough space to join the band in their forward-baning-movement without hurting anyone around me or myself ;D
They pulled out some girls during the show, I've seen around 20 but that's still a small number for a live that big and considering the heat.. although it wasn't that bad up front (at least at the sides.. right in front of Gackt it must've been hell |D) because of the cool air coming from the stage and the security gave out lots of water.

Gackt's voice was amazing, though got a bit shaky when the end draw near.. oh well. At least during Lu:Na he still had enough strength to rip his already more-then-drenched shirt that the buttons flew off. Well, his striptease was kind of sexy, but his moobs ruined it a bit, sorry dear. |D Though his abs are niiiiiiice. And I have to admit his EVER-hip-shaking-dance looked cool. He did a lot of worse dances in the past tbh. He pulled off a great show, and god they all sweated so much.. I think their shirts were already drenched after Zan xOx;; Jun-ji must have been the first naked person on stage :p he was sweating like crazy. Gackt's pants dripped.. or should I say the Niagara-falls are a tiny puddle against all the sweat Job left on stage? No wonder Gackt dehydrated after THAT.

Without any problems or even wanting it I got pushed closer and closer to the stage with every song, getting seperated from my friends and ended up around 3-4th row till Flower. Gackt already had problems up till that point, was kinda instable and breathing hard but tried to hide it behind his glaring stare.. well, I think he enjoyed himself, reconfirming this with what he wrote in the blog but still. They fixed his mic & earpieces, rubbed his back and face with towels and gave him some water I think, it was pretty dark and hard to see. His hand shook so hard when he started the acapella for Flower I really thought they'd stop the show =/ it really hurt to see, but he was cool as always and pulled his thing through till the end, though the shaking and stumbling got much worse. In the end, after the last song, he even needed support from Staff, You and Chacha to stand and even fell from the stage once during the encore *sigh* I guess he slipped and fell, at least he was still conscious in the crowd, though he might not really know what was happening to him. Up again he looked a bit... out of place though he tried to hide it behind his perfect smile. But his eyes were just blank. He really doesn't know where his limits are.
They left the stage and we started shouting YFC and it took a lot of time till they ame back. The whole time I really was waiting for Gackt's secretary to announce the rally is over because it really looked like he couldn't do the encore anymore. But he did, of course, because Gackt doesn't care much about his health. It left me with a kind of mixed feeling. On the hand one it was a great show and it was pretty amazing to see him so close and all, but the bitter aftertaste to see him suffer and stumbling and all that.. After 10 years of being a Gackt fan it really hurt to see him live like that, giving his all and even more, which took away some of his magic and my own fun at the live. Though I have to admit it's kinda impressive as well, it brought tears to my eyes to see him like that so I decided to watch Genki-chacha instead most of the time.
Whatever. The live ended and they threw lots of stuff into the audience: towels (the YFC ones and Chacha threw 2, a pink-leoprint-with-golden-bordure |D), pics, sticks, watter+bottles and they didn't want to go but had to as they started playing the remix. But the four of them had lots of fun, touching lots of hands, interacting with the crowd, giving out stuff and Chacha even shared his energy drink with a fan xD; he tried to drop some into her mouth but I'm not sure he succeeded |D
Gackt at least gathered himself enough to promise to come back, told how FANTASTISCH (fantastic) we all were and that we were the most awesome crowd so far, that we are his family and that he loves us all (Ich liebe euchhhhhhhhhhhhhalle.), so most likely the same he said at every gig. Still, it was heartmoving and when Chacha motivated us to start the YFC-cheer again we gave the last piece of energy and shouted our lungs out, till he went off stage and the lights went out..

The worst thing though were the fangirls. The sound was quite ok, a bit low maybe and the more I got shoved to the middle, the worser it got, of course, but I at least could hear everything, especially his voice, quite clear till the end. But I still have a bad tinnitus because they were screaming much louder than I expected and I once had to put my towel into my ears because I'm sure I would've lost hearing overall if I hadn't. It was crazy.. xOx;; Even 24hrs after the show I still have a headache and tinnitus. That's insane >>;

And when we finally got out of this mess when everything was over (Chacha was the one wo left last this time, not You ♥ he was smiling all over, interacting with the fans SO MUCH, he was so kind and cute and.. he almost started crying during kagero, when I couldn't put my eyes off him. He definitely was moved and smiled bravely though you get see his eyes getting wet ♥ and, he had the most awesome hairstyle kekeke. ...I still can't believe this guy could be my daddy with his 50 years of age!! Muri da! His skin and body, at least on stage.. you'd never expect him to be so old! I'm so sad I almost caught 3 of his plecs but the people around me always snatched them away *drop*)
ehh.. well, when we wanted to leave the hall there was a goddamn thonderstorm going on. But since we were wet all over already we thought... okaaaay better leave now before we dry up and get wet AGAIN.. god it was so COLD T^T I was so glad I brought a fresh pair of clothes or else I would've caught a bad cold I guess. >>; Really, the whole of July we had 30°C+ and then this weather for his show.. and I think Bochum won't be much better. At least our way to the car won't be that long, I hope.

It was a great experience nonetheless and I'm an even bigger Chacha fangirl right now. And I think Nao made him happy with the FUCK-towel |D he at least pointed at it and grinned and started laughing so he def. saw it. On our side of the stage he was really close to the fans and interacted at lot, it was so lovely. I want to adopt him now T^T
Best songs were Dybukk (I jumped and sang along and had so much fun!) Speed Master (♥) Jesus (though the crowd majorfailed ....) and kagero. Never ever thought I'd see this live one day!

Now my neck and throat hurt and I'll take a nice warm bubblebath.. still don't know how I will survive tomorrow or if I just don't get into the pulk up front.. guess it depends on the situation inside the Zeche. The sound sucks anyway and.. the aircondition isn't that great, too. I'm really afraid, especially now that I know how bad Gackt's contidion really is =/ I hope he doesn't fall off again or even worse things happening to him with the livestream going on.. Though I know for sure it will be THE MADNESS, crowdwise. That's for sure. Hope we all get out alive . . . and not deaf. *caugh*
At least it wil be an experience you'll never forget.. that's for sure.

And now I'll go and take my well-deserved bath ò___ó

And, of course, the setlist though we all know it...Collapse )
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サラ ★
01 December 2008 @ 12:55 pm
Have a look at what was in the mail today..Collapse )

Ich hab doch gesagt, dass es normal übers Wochenende hängen blieb ♥ Haben wir uns (zum Glück) ganz umsonst Sorgen gemacht.
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サラ ★
The second Ark-live we attented within a week. The live on 10/3 was so lovely we just had to see them again, so we drove to Munich five days later. Gladly, my holidays had already begun, so we could enjoy the live to its fullest. (I would've been pretty dead if I had had to attend school on Tuesday, because the live ended at around 0.30am and we had a long way home)

So, we finally arrived in Munich - a lot later than planned - which is the reason why we only stopped at McD to eat and went right to the Club afterwards. The location had been changed to another venue; luckily we knew early enough.
Some people were already waiting in line, 50 maybe.. nothing dramatic. I think 300ppl would have sold out the club anyway.
The venue was even smaller than Prime Club.

Well nevertheless it took some time to get in and we had to wait for some time: obviously they had time-managing problems as well xD
The whole thing started exactly one hour later than in Cologne, at 9.30pm.. with Sunflower Caravan, the opener act, once again. I didn't feel that great at that time (because of all the smoke in the club =/ fuckers.) so I sat down on the floor, like some other girls did. Sunflower Caravan played the exact same set as on 10/3 and bored me a lot but somehow we got through and then, finally The Ark came on stage, yay!
With all the excitement and adrenalin pumping through my veins I felt a lot better in an instant and my dear and I danced, cheered and sang along a lot for the next few hours.

The live was great, they played a slightly different setlist so we got to hear some other songs, which I thought was great~ Sadly the fans weren't as energetic as the ones in Cologne and The Ark didn't do as much stagetalk =/ but I enjoyed it pretty much anyway. Watching Ola live is a lot of fun.. he's just too crazy & adorable.
We stood around 3rd row between Ola and Oscar and caught attention quite often |D aww... they're just lovely. I threw a lot of hearts and Oscar saw one of them, grinned, winked at me and blew me a kiss (for which I got an ellbow in the rips from ma dear... xDD)
The setlist was great! Of course they played Prayer for the weekend and other songs from that album, I pathologize, This piece of poetry is meant to do harm and such... and Ola had a lot of fun running around, going crazy and, of course, nearly setting the whole venue on fire with his lighter+hairspray, lol.
I love them so much ♥
We gave our all when he announced their last song since it was clear we wouldn't be able to see them in a long time (since Ola participates in Jesus Crist Super Star as.. Jesus ;D) and therefore I was pretty dead after they left the stage.
We left 59:1 with mixed feelings.. It was a great show but the thought of not being able to see them for at least a year really made us sad.

Of course there wasn't an aftershowparty for this show which got us even more depressed, since we couldn't go to the one on 10/3 =/ so we left Munich at around 1am, listening to The Ark all the time on our way back home.

I hope we'll be able to see them again soon.. if not 2008, then 2009 for sure. Pretty please. The Ark are a great liveband and I can't wait to see them live again =3
サラ ★
We went to Cologne on Wednesday since we wanted to watch The Ark @ Prime Club and because I wanted to go and have a look at the Kölner Dom as well we left home around 12.
Finding Cologne wasn't that much of a problem... but finding the club sure was.
It took us over an hour because Cologne is the most freaking construction site I have ever seen in my life.
But in the end we found a parking lot around 100m from the club~

When we checked out where the club exactly was we met some girls from Sweden who went all the way to join The Ark which is something I'd like to do once in my life, too ;___; moneymoneymoney Xx;

Well, we decided to go to the Dom next where we made some photos (outside) and quickly watched the inside (with pasu), too, but it wasn't that gorgeous... maybe it's because I was in so many churches and stuff in Rome that it's nothing special for me xD

(no pictures because they're on yama's PC ;o;)

Later on we met with pasu and went eating *____* before we got back to the car to put his stuff in it. Because it was a holiday (german reunion, as you all know =D) we only went window shopping in Cologne (but I certainly want to come back one day 'cause you can do great shopping there *__*;) until we got back to the club at around 7pm.

At 9pm it started..
Prime Club is a cute little live house, remembered me of the japanese ones quite a lot. But not a proper place for a visual kei concert in Germany since all the freaking stupid little fangirls would run onto the stage (since there is a little way up where the musicans and staffmember went up and down.)..
But it's quite nice since you are very close to the band - and that's quite a great assumption for a glamrock live x3

Sunflower Caravan (the opener act) wasn't that bad, although I kinda missed a vocal (I'm not that much into instrumentals) and if one of the guys hadn't totally freaked out in the end... ah well. They were okay it could've been much worse (like it was with D'espairs Ray).

But then The Ark came on stage finally and it was just... bombastic.
The atmossphere was so great with all the fans around us singing and dancing to the songs, having fun and the band was enjoying it so much as well.
Ola's a really good singer and performer, has such a nice voice and is very cute.. sexy, too.
It was so much fun watching him and singing along..
Although it wasn't the best live I ever went to I enjoyed it pretty much and I'm looking forward to Monday, when we'll drive to Munich and watch them again <3

They played a lot of songs, my favourite song "Let your body decide" (which features my layout as well) included and so many more that I can't list all of them.. but one of the highlights was "One of us is gonna die young" as a song dedicated to the reunification |D (which he himself had to admit was his "most stupid idea" he ever had xD) and performing "I've been looking for Freedom" which was the song David Hasslehoff sang for "not Western or Eastern Germany but for whole Germany!" and we had a lot of fun xD
The stagetalk was hilarious anyway.. Ola's just too cool.
"This is a song about suicide and hairspray" - "Tonight is the hugest audience we've ever played for which means we have to be the greatest band in the world!" - "Yesterday we played in Paris and they decided to name us "The Ark of Triumph" and the real Arc of Triumpf now is known as "Arc of quite okay doing"... yah, well. |D you see what I mean, right?

And they had great interaction with the fans... in that particular point it was the greatest concert I ever went to.
Ola included the audience so much.. he even walked through the fans or climbed on the shoulders of some to be nearer to the fans.

To quote my dear:
"They played a splendid encore with Ola asking what songs were missing(a lot, Ola, a lot! ;3;) and singing them a capella.. one heck of a voice *__* In the end, they promised to come again, if we just asked them to (it was their fourth time already at Prime Club, go figure), building the promise on "Calleth you Cometh I".. really really sweet!"

I'm just hooked... <3!! Can't wait to see them again..
Sadly we couldn't join the after-show-party because I had to go to school on Thursday morning ;o; but we'll surely go if there's one in Munich as well <3